About Us

How can we best define ‘who we are’ in 3 words?

Passion, Innovation, Culture

We dreamed it, we imagined it and we transformed Reveal Unlimited in a strong community and an innovative organization in touristic cultural management. We live our present success and performance and we are working for sure for one of the future best top rated organizations in the field. Our identity is represented by a open-minded multicultural European environment.

We are passionate about European culture and diversity and we want to REVEAL to the entire world the best of Europe among cultural projects such as historical food tours and cultural trips in the main European capitals.

We are constantly innovating in order to adapt and construct new projects which will meet in one hand people’s thirst of culture and desire of knowing more while they are travelling or while they are staying in Europe and managing their personal or business projects.

Our touristic cultural management know-how will help you to get the maximum of each moment during your visit in Europe and to be extremely happy with your own personal project while you are staying here.

We are here to share our experiences and we are glad that in the last years more than 10 000 people cross our door and took part to one of our projects. You are the ones that created us and the ones that maintain our passion and innovation thirst alive.

Thank you for being here and sharing with us UNLIMITED experiences!